Kubuntu and the small security improvements features to copy

January 21, 2007

There are 2 features I would like to see integrated (without using thirdparties software) in any OS that brings little security easily to the user and the machine :

  • The kdewallet : KDE Wallet aims to provide secure storage for passwords and web form data. You can group different passwords in different wallets, and each one will only be opened with a master password (which you should never forget!). The default wallet is named “kdewallet”, and you can either create a new wallet for your local passwords or accept the default wallet for all data in the “Automatic Wallet Selection” section.
  • Finally with Kubuntu during install I was surprised there was no prompt for root password but just <youruser> password. I find this restrictive politic of sudoing each time you need it really efficient and secure and the lambda user shouldn’t even know of the existence of root.

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