How to get rid of the 10 minutes Blank Screen screensaver ?

January 27, 2007

You might not have noticed when you never happen to idle on your kubuntu more than 10 minutes, but a Blank Screen will be triggered. Not that embarassing you might think as there’s a big chance you’re away but well if there’s screensaver settings, it’s to configure that… And it becomes really irritating when you have a pctv card watching tv and that you have to move the mouse every 10 minutes.

So I couldn’t understand why this BlankScreen would appear although my settings in Desktop (right-click) / Configure Desktop / ScreenSaver was clearly using fireworks screensaver after 15minutes, and even after disabling it, I would still see this bloody BlanckScreen popping up. I thought it could be the Energy optimization from System Settings / Monitor & Display. But this one was set to 1 hour.

After some browsing on the net and some unsuccessful tries (with xset …) I thought I found it… in Desktop (right-click) / Configure Desktop / ScreenSaver / Blank Screen, unsetting the Start Automatically

Blank Screen Disabled

But that wouldn’t work either, finally I found a trick to disable this behavior thanks to ubuntu forum. In fact the problem appears when you run beryl with Xgl as a session on display :1. You’ll need to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add at the end :
# To prevent Blank Screen from popping up every 10 minutes
# when xgl is run as a session on display :1,
# when all the power management settings
# you normally find only concerns display :0
Section "ServerFlags"
Option "blank time" "0"
Option "standby time" "0"
Option "suspend time" "0"
Option "off time" "0"


  1. dont work for me :((
    i use kubuntu dapper.

    any idea??

  2. Try without spaces

    e.g. Option “blanktime” “0”

  3. Hey, I saw your site and really liked it. Since most of my visitors are looking for beryl help, I posted a short intro and link to this archive.

    Best regards!

  4. Hi benceslao,

    I think I saw this problem earlier on another website (I was trying to disable the annoying shift-backspace combination). The website somehow shows the ” wrong. I don’t know how they are called, but you need the straight ones, not the ones which run “vertical”. Hopefully this helps.

  5. QkEterror is right about the double quotes. You will notice when copy/pasting the code from this page (with the wrong quotes) in a shell, they are converted to dots (.) and you will have to manually correct them to regular “double quotes”.


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