GTalk Chat is disabled under Firefox3

June 19, 2009

Since I upgraded from firefox 2 to firefox 3 (sometime ago) I had to deal with the certificate stuff which is some security at the cost of some unfriendly pain… Anyway security rarely comes without pain: having to remember crazy passwords, having to bear this f*ing virus scanner at work…

So well I encountered this on GTalk from https GMail interface:

Chat is disabled.
Your internet connection is experiencing problems or your network administrator has blocked Gmail chat. Learn more

There is absolutely no internet connection problem (it works with Internet Explorer), and it seems as if not everybody encounter this issue.

I have been fetching the web for a solution without success, so here is mine:

You should add https://chatenabled.mail.google.com/ to your certificates as it will be unknown:

(Code d’erreur : sec_error_untrusted_issuer)

You can log back to GMail and you should see GTalk.


  1. Thank you so much, your issue & mine were same. Thank you now its working

    • Thank you . Here works fine.

  2. thank you so much for your help

  3. This solution may not work all the times..for example
    in my case i was experiencing the same problem and could not succeed with this solution.This is because, sometimes this error occurs due to problems with your system date also.So first check the system date, whether it has been set to a future date.If it is so, some certification check for the gmail site may fail and you might not be able to enable chat.Changing the system date back to the correct time will solve the issue.

    • Wow, that’s really surprising, and Internet Explorer or Chrome do not do perform such checks ?

    • thanx a lot sandeep.. i was not able to figure out the exact problem.. u r right.. by setting the correct date chat is enabled.. in my case in firefox and also in internet explorer the chat was disabled..anyways thanx once again..

  4. Tnx Alot M8 , I loooked Up every where But You Solved My problem

  5. S its true that when the date and time are set wrong, ie set to past,….chat(gtalk) will be disabled. so set the time and date correctly. make sure that ur date is not set in the depth of past. small date and time adjustments are most probably allowed

  6. changing the date worked… thank aton!!!

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